How to Stay up to Date With Redistricting

100 Days to Fair Maps

Catch up on the Independent Redistricting Process and learn the next steps to take action. Held every other Thursday from 12pm-12:30pm.


Updated weekly, this tree houses all of the relevant links and resources to help you stay informed and engaged! We recommend bookmarking the page.

Welcome to Arizona Legislative District 22

Volunteer - Organize - Turnout - Educate

Because Democracy Starts in OUR Neighborhood

How can you get involved with LD 22?

Attend a Monthly Meeting

Join us for guest speakers and meet fellow Democrats at our monthly meeting! We usually meet the third Thursday of the month. Click below to see our full meeting schedule.


Join as a Volunteer or Precinct

Committee Person (PC)

Volunteers are needed for a wide range of activities. Everyone has specific interests, talents, and skills that can benefit the organization and help accomplish our mission of electing Democrats.


Precinct committee people are the grassroots representing the Party to your neighbors (Precinct) by taking the responsibility for getting them involved and keeping them informed.



LD22 Democrats is the Democratic Party Committee closest to the voter.  We receive no material financial support from the Maricopa County or National Democratic Parties.  We have no paid staff.  Everything we do depends on your generosity and volunteerism.


Our fundraising motto for this cycle is “Donate for Democracy:  Because Democracy starts in OUR Neighborhood”  Your donations sustain our democratic values.  We appreciate and thank you for your contributions, small or large.


Join us for an Upcoming Event

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