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Because Democracy Starts in OUR Neighborhood

Donate for Democracy:  Because Democracy Starts in OUR Neighborhood

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Our Fundraising Goal:


500 recurring donations/month


Democracy starts in OUR Neighborhood

We are using our motto, “Donate for Democracy:  Because Democracy starts in OUR Neighborhood,” to highlight the number one concern of our Party and many of its donors - our country needs to return to respecting our Constitution and the institutions that are built to support it.


By believing and investing in democracy, together we can organize an effective local political organization that is prepared to win local, state, and national elections.  Each of us has a role to play.  Who we elect matters.  Local representatives decide what community issues are addressed.

Our Fundraising Goal

To sustain a local Party organization that contributes to winning elections for Democrats, we recommend you consider making a recurring donation.


A recurring donation makes it easier for your LD leaders to plan more effectively.   Our goal is to receive a recurring donation from 1-2% of registered LD22 Democrats.  If the average recurring donation is $10 per month from our local donors, we will meet our financial needs.


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