Welcome to Arizona Legislative District 22

Volunteer - Organize - Turnout - Educate

Because Democracy Starts in OUR Neighborhood

District 22 is led by our Executive Board members:

Chairwoman - Cheri Tomlinson

First Vice Chairwoman, Joan Lynn Peters

I decided to run for 1st Vice Chair of LD22 to bring my commitment to local issues to the next level. Like many, I became involved with the Democratic Party after the 2016 election. The CD8 special election in 2018 and the 2020 CD8 election did not bring the results I had hoped. While the 2020 election brought the good news of Arizona supporting Joe Biden and Mark Kelly, we did not have good news down ballot.


Second Vice Chairwoman, Teri Raml

The reason I became a Precinct Committee person is that I wanted to meet and talk with like-minded people.   Based on bumper stickers, signs and flags in my neighborhood, I thought my husband and I were lone Democrats.   I was so pleased to discover how many of my neighbors are Democrats and were willing to get more involved in the 2020 Election.   As I met and talked with them, I wanted to do even  more.   I wanted to become a trusted resource for information about our election deadlines and local candidates.   I especially wanted to encourage my neighbors to become informed and confidently VOTE Democratic for the entire ticket.


Secretary, Sue Strecker

After the 2016, I felt that I had to get involved if I wanted to change the direction of our country. I joined NW Valley Indivisible in the spring of 2017, went to my first LD 22 meeting in September and became a PC in October.


Treasurer, Dean Campbell

I ran for LD22 Treasurer in part because my Democratic activist history combined with my education, experience and talents aligned perfectly with the job.   I have been a precinct captain, legislative district chair, elected PC and a neighborhood team leader for Obama.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Business and served as Treasurer of other non-profit entities.


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