Request to Speak (RTS)

What is Request to Speak?

How do I use the system?

  •  The Request to Speak (RTS) system is an online tool that lets you review and provide your feedback on current bills to Arizona State legislators. It’s an easy way to get involved in state politics, stay informed on the bills that directly affect us, and make sure our elected officials hear the wishes of us, their constituents.


  • The RTS provides an easy way to share your opinions directly with legislators from the comfort of your home or office!


  • RTS allows you to register your support or opposition on a bill and provide the reason why.


  • You do not really have to speak as the name implies.

Click here to follow the current RTS opportunities

Take a look at this training video to learn more about using Arizona's Request to Speak System!




We support working families and businesses in our district by educating voters on issues affecting our district and working to elect Democrats at the local, district, county, state and national level who will champion the people and interests of our district.









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